Second Chance Beer Company was founded on and remains committed to community and paying it forward. We give back in many ways, not just with beer donations. Annually, we give more than 1% of sales in cash and space donations from fundraisers held at our tasting rooms. Our “Giving second chances Charitable Program” maximizes our resources, aligns giving with values, and ensures together we give second chances…beers and more.


  1. Donate Life San Diego – organ donation gives people the ultimate second chance at life
  2. Second Chance Dog Rescue – dogs rescued from dangerous and kill environments, and fostered until they find their furever home
  3. Parents’ Nights’ Out – parents raising money to provide children technology, sports, arts and other vital resources public education no longer affords
  4. Zero Waste San Diego – Fix-It-Clinics where appliances and electronics are repaired and saved from landfills
  5. Stonewall Citizens’ Patrol San Diego – patrolling San Diego’s Hillcrest LGBTQ community, many of whom are getting their second chance to live authentic lives
  6. Keep-A-Breast – education, awareness and prevention of breast cancer. This cause warrants preventing second chances.


  1. Groups that are not federally-registered 501(c) organizations
  2. Events co-sponsored, hosted, or associated with an establishment that has an existing ABC license
  3. By providing merchandise, gift cards, swag, and such for raffles and auctions, which is prohibited by law
  4. Athletic or Sports’ Teams: aside from a few brewery teams, we cannot support these requests due to how many we get and to be fair to all
  5. Golf Tournaments: because of the difficult nature of securing the appropriate ABC permit.
For charities that do not give “second chances,” although we cannot support with beer or cash, we may be able to host your fundraiser at our brewery or North Park Tasting Room. We provide a welcoming, fun atmosphere for you to raise funds and awareness. ALL requests for support or hosting must complete this FORM for consideration. NOTE: direct emails, in-person requests, and any charity not for the purposes of giving second chances will not be accepted or responded to. 
  • Note: By law, we only are allowed to donate to a federally-designated 501(c) organization. Therefore, if you are not a 501(c), we cannot support your cause, unfortunately.
  • Include age groups, race & ethnicity, Income levels, etc.
  • MM slash DD slash YYYY
  • Specify number of cases @ 24 cans per case. There are four six-packs in a case.
    Note: If we are attending and you are requesting a beer donation, it is unlawful not to supply ice (~40lbs) and cups. Moreover, given the time and commitment for us, we also appreciate you providing a 6’ table.
  • Please describe at least two recent donations to your event. Include the Donor, a description, the amount/value, and the date received/committed.
  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.