second chance...more than a name

Many San Diego breweries make great beer. But, Second Chance does that and MORE! #HowWeSecondChance is a great example of a company doing the right thing in a BIG way.

Second Chance is not just our name. It’s an impassioned mission, and a declaration of independence. With regard to the first, years before we opened, Co-Founders, Marty, Virginia, and Curtis, started salvaging items that would one day have a second chance in the brewery. For example, when Marty’s Mom replaced the fence at their Serra Mesa home, Marty said, “Don’t throw that away! We can use it in the brewery.” When Marty and Curtis’s former employer closed one of its locations, they asked to take tabletops and booths that otherwise were dumpster-bound. All of these things and more have been restored, upcycled and are now the cozy decor you enjoy when you visit our TapRoom. 


Our BrewMaster, Marty's, Childhood Home Fencewood>Tap Room Baseboards



The fence wood from Marty’s childhood home is our baseboards. Old tabletops were refinished, combined with discarded piping from brewery construction, and are now the tables you and colleagues enjoy a beer on after a long days’ work. Our Bar Wall is made from whiskey barrels that Lost Abbey aged Old Viscocity in. Marty used those same barrel's rings to make the beautiful light fixtures hanging over the bar. Our Bar Top was crafted from reclaimed wood, and our Tap Handles are made from naturally-fallen trees. Our Head Brewer, Craig, came up with a design to reuse grain bags and barrel staves as trash receptacles. You'll see them throughout the Tap Room and Brewer's Lounge. We do all this and so much more! In fact, when you visit us, look around, because more than 70% of what you see is living its “second chance."

Our passion for second chances extends beyond décor and operations. Our charitable partnerships, for example, give second chances, too. We work with Second Chance Dog Rescue and Horses of Tir Na Nog, local San Diego organizations that saves dogs and horses from kill situations and find and provide them furever homes. We partner with Brewbies® to make our Brewbies® On My Mind Pink Saison and donate a portion of sales annually to Keep-a-Breast Foundation™ . We also do an Annual Fundraiser for Donate Life San Diego, which we believe is the ultimate “second chance” – a hero at the end of one life giving life to another. 


To learn more about #HowWeSecondChance, visit our rotating, interactive Story-Photo Display in the Tap Room, schedule a Tour, or come to one of our monthly Fundraisers.

We are always interested in supporting second chance 501(c) causes. If you have one, fill out our PLEASE SUPPORT MY SECOND CHANCE CAUSE DONATION REQUEST FORM below.

Second Chance also is our Co-Founders desire to venture beyond their corporate worlds and to be #indiebeer in one of the World's most decorated brewing cities. We are proud to be an independent craft brewery in San Diego, California. Thank you for supporting us and others who work tirelessly everyday and fight to keep craft - in small businesses across this country- alive and thriving.