Second Chance Craft Flea Market

Second Chance Beer Company® believes in second chances, such as when we opened the brewery of our dreams. Besides just making great beer, though, we also believe in helping people, animals, and things get a second chance in life, like when we give back to animal rescue and organ donation organizations and repurpose materials around our brewery. 

That's why we're having an Upcycled Craft Flea Market inside our spacious brewery for San Diego Beer Week. During this week of learning about local craft beer, we want to emphasize how we can as a community repurpose our much of waste into something useful once again. Because everything deserves a Second Chance.

Come grab a pint and peruse all the upcycled crafts!

Please keep in mind some vendors are CASH ONLY.

If you are interested in being one of our local vendors email with your name, a portfolio and/or website, any social media handles, your logo in .png and .jpg (if you have one), and a little about yourself and your upcycled crafts. 

Admission is free and beer is dank. Seize. Sip. Enjoy.