THE BEEROMETERS Tony Gwynn Training Run: 9am

Come join our running team The Beerometers as we train to run the AleSmith Tony Gwynn 5.5k together next month! We’ll run (or walk) together, and then enjoy a beer, banana, or non-alcoholic beverage and each other’s company afterwards!  

Note the new time as the weather is warmer. We'll also all do the same distance this time, 5.5k, since we're training for the race. Use the link above to sign up, and simply indicate you're part of the Beerometers' Team. Then, sport your shirt, and find us on race day for MAD PHOTOOPS pre-race and camaraderie post-race!

Finally, if you don't already have a fabulous Beerometers' technical workout shirt, if you show your race registration when you come to the brewery to buy it, you'll receive the usual Sunday FunDay $5 OFF!