Planty Hour with The Potted Poppy

January 2018 North Parkv2.jpg

Planty Hour
@ Second Chance Beer Lounge, North Park

Sunday, January 14

We're collaborating with our neighbor, The Potted Poppy, for a DIY Planty Hour! 

  • Pick-a-pot 
  • Pick-a-plant 
  • Pick-a-topping
  • Pot-it-up! 
  • Choose from a fun color assortment of eco-friendly pots, water-wise plants, and natural top dressings.  
  • Receive professional instruction and relax with your favorite Pint, some mingling about, and a bit of nature to sooth your soul.
  • $22 price includes one House Pint and all materials for DIY plant craft. Gift boxes will be provided to take your creation home or to give as a gift!