North Park: Seize. Sip. Succulent. Mother's Day Workshop.


Seize. Sip. Succulent. Mother's Day Workshop.
@ Second Chance Beer Lounge, North Park

Sunday, May 13
12 - 2p

Bring your mom out on Mother’s day and treat her to some quality time with you. And together you can enjoy each other, a fun planting activity and delicious beer!

We have two options for planting activities for you and your mom:

Option A: $30

Choose your own eco-friendly pots and plants. You and your mom will each be able to choose your own pot from a colorful assortment of small eco-pots and a variety of small plants and top dressings.

Ticket Includes: 2 small eco-pots, 2 small succulents, soil and top dressings, 2 Second Chance house beers

Option B: $48

You and your mom can work together to design a beautiful succulent box that she can treasure for years to come. These wood boxes are handmade out of reclaimed wood by @she_i_love and are built to last! Each box is unique and will have slight variations. You will have a variety of plants to choose from.

Ticket Includes: 1 Handmade wooden box, 5-6 small succulents, soil and top dressings and 2 Second Chance house beers.