The Barrel Experience Release

The Barrel Experience – Journey #2: Coconut Macaroon

Saturday, January 26 | 12pm

Our barrel-aged beer adventure continues with The Barrel Experience – Journey #2: Coconut Macaroon, dropping at both locations 1/26, 12pm! This Imperial Stout was aged 24 months in Bourbon barrels and finished with toasted coconut, macadamia nuts, and coconut brown sugar. 🀀 Only 80 bottles available (40 per location!), first come, first get, so be there early! πŸ₯₯

Carmel Mtn: Limit 1 bottle per person, no proxies, keep line formed on the sidewalk and not in live parking lot.

North Park: Limit 1 bottle per person, no proxies, keep line formed on the sidewalk and to the right to allow other pedestrians to pass on the left.

Both: At approximately 11:45am, numbers will be distributed to those waiting in line. Please have your valid ID ready to be checked. Any number after 40 will receive first right of future refusal to purchase, which shall be good for the next bottle release only.

Favorite Ginger Friday Can Release

Favorite Ginger Friday Can Release

Saturday, January 12 | 12pm

This one is for the pigment-challenged and proud: the red-haired, red-blooded ginger. This is not a ginger beer, but a beer for gingers, by gingers. #FavoriteGingerFriday is not just a beer or a hashtag, it’s a lifestyle. Let’s celebrate our freckled friends!

Can release on #KissAGingerDay (1/12) with fierce gingers Alex & Ben guest BeerTending at our North Park Beer Lounge. And you’d better believe we’ll have a Kissing Corner so you can show love to one of YOUR favorite gingers!

A portion of the beer proceeds sold on 1/12, 100% of Alex & Ben’s tips on 1/12, andΒ a portion of total t-shirt sales will be donated to UCSD’s Moores Cancer Center for Melanoma Research.

Rad original can art by The Pinchey.

Face the Haze Can Release

Face the Haze Can Release

Saturday, December 8 | 12pm

Relaxing and celebrating with friends and family during this time of year is especially enjoyable. We find the same is true about brewing. Cheers to our friends at Resident Brewing, who joined us to craft this juicy double hazy IPA.
Get ready to Face the Haze 12/8 πŸ’¨

Hops: Mosaic, Idaho 7, Denali
Taste: Luscious hop flavors of papaya, blueberries, and pineapple with a fluffy mouthfeel 🍍
Pair: White pizza, sauteed onions and sausage, clam chowdah, blueberry muffins 🀀

Can Release

Blend-o-matic Can Release

Saturday, October 27th

Are you ready to #BlendWithAFriend? Our latest collab with AleSmith Brewing Company is two different beers– a Hazy IPA and a Brut IPA– brewed specifically to mix together! Yep, it’s the bees knees, and we can’t wait for you to try it… because two brews are better than one! πŸŒ€ 🍻

Rad can art created by Craft Beerd

How to Fully Enjoy:
1. Open one Hazy & one Brut
2. Pour 1/2 & 1/2 in a glass
3. Drink
4. Smile
5. Repeat

Can Release

Can Release

Now Available


Imperial Pilsner Maui Brewing Collaboration Can Now Available!